Auto Typer Software to do Automated Typing on Windows

This Document talks about 2 small programs which can be of help whenever you have to do repetitive tasks on computer such as typing something or clicking mouse. The Software Auto Typer can be used to type automatically at the press of a selectable key combination. Auto Clicker can be used to simulate mouse clicks at the press of a configurable hot key.

Auto Typer

Let's talk about Auto Typer here with some screenshots and some videos of Auto Typer to view what Auto Typer can do and whether it can be a real time saver or not.

What is Auto Typer?

Auto Typer is a Software Program which can be used to type some text at the press of a selectable hotkey. As of now Auto Typer can be used to type in only text and does not supports typing in graphics or rich content such as formatted text from WordPad or MS Word.

How Does Auto Typer Looks?

Auto Typer looks like as displayed in original size ScreenShot at the right corner of this paragraph. If you Look closely at ScreenShot, you will notice a blank list with column names such as Sr No, Shortcut Key, Comment and Text. You will also notice few buttons at the bottom of the ScreenShot with lables Add New, Edit, Delete, ... and Registration Key.

Screenshot of Auto Typer

How about a Sample Auto Text by Auto Typer?

Have a Look at the Auto Typer ScreenShot which displays how the List displays Auto Texts. The Auto Typer has been configured in the ScreenShot to type the Auto Typer Website's URL and Press Enter at the press of Function Key F7. As the Enter or Return Key is a Key that has to be pressed, it is written as {Enter}. The Return Key press can be specified anywhere in the text and is not even mandatory. In Case you would like to type any text, just specify that text and that's it.

Auto Typer in Startup

The Auto Typer when installed adds itself to Startup Programs so that the next time you start your computer, you can start using the earlier defined Shortcut Keys to type automatically instead of starting Auto Typer Again. However if you would like to remove Auto Typer from Startup, all you would need to do is start msconfig and remove Auto Typer from Startup Programs. Another interesting functionality is that as you add, edit or delete Auto Texts in Auto Typer, they are automatically saved in a Data file and you do not need to worry about loading Auto Texts everytime.

Where I Can Use Auto Typer?

You can use Auto Typer in almost all application programs. You can use Auto Typer to fill in Online Forms or any other data that is required to be typed in repeatedly.

How to Download Auto Typer

Please do navigate to the Auto Typer Download Page to download Auto Typer and find relative information on Auto Typer such as Starting, Closing or Un-installing Auto Typer, etc.